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Eighteen Islamabad Flats Aug 2022

The Eighteen Islamabad-August 2022 update. Eighteen Islamabad is a  luxurious housing project in Pakistan. Eighteen Islamabad is offering state of the art luxury apartments, villas, and cooperate offices with world class amenities  in Islamabad. Eighteen Islamabad housing society located on Kashmir Highway near Islamabad-Lahore M-2 Motorway and  New International Airport. The eighteen Islamabad housing society promises  to provide world-class amenities and luxuries to its residents. 

August 2022 latest Update

The Eighteen Booking Form


Egypt-based  Ora Developers 

Eighteen in Islamabad is a project of Egypt-based  Ora Developers  in partnership with two of the most renowned and innovative real estate companies in Pakistan one is the Saif Group of companies  and the other one is Kohistan Builders and Developers.

Ora Developers is owned by Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris  and this is not the first time he has invested in Pakistan. Approximately 20 years ago, Sawiris had acquired Mobilink Telecommunications before selling it to VimpelCom. 

 The Ora Developers most reputable works include the Grosvenor Square in London, UK  Ayia Napa Marina in Cyprus, Five star Silver sands Hotel in Grenada. No of other projects in Egypt such as the Pyramid Hills Nile City Tower.

Whereas, Saif Group  on the other hand, was established in the late 60s and work in a number of fields during the past years.

Eighteen Islamabad NOC:

NOC Approved


Eighteen Islamabad’s NOC is approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). For nearly 700 acres of land. The Eighteen housing society was to  launched on February 18, 2018, whereas, the official launch was held on December 2017 by the management of society in Pakistan. The Eighteen Housing project was launched in a huge glamorous event, attended by famous personalities from all around the world associated with this project.


Eighteen Islamabad Location

The project is approximately located at Kashmir highway at a distance of 5 Km for Golra Mor and 3 Km from the Lahore Islamabad exit. This project is the closest housing society to Islamabad city and is located at only a few Kilometers from Islamabad International Airport. Eighteen Islamabad project is located right next to University Town, one of the oldest housing societies in that region. EIGHTEEN ISLAMABAD project situated only a few minutes away from the most promising high prolific housing societies in the region such as Taj Residencia, B-17 Multi Gardens blue world city, Capital smart city and Top City for easy access

Accessibility Points:

Access and Amenities

Eighteen is accessible in the following ways:

  • Eighteen is accessible About 6 min drive to Islamabad Motorway
  • Eighteen is accessible About 7 min drive to M-1 Islamabad/ Peshawar Motorway
  • Eighteen is accessible About 11 min drive to M-2 Lahore /Islamabad Motorway
  • Eighteen is accessible around about 13 min drive to New Islamabad Airport
  • Eighteen Islamabad is accessible around about 12 min drive to N80  Rawalpindi
  • Eighteen Islamabad is accessible about 14 min drive to Jand – Kohat Rd Rawalpindi
  • Eighteen  Islamabad is accessible around about 03 min drive to Tarnol Motorway Link Rd, Islamabad


The Eighteen Master Plan

The master plan of eighteen islamabad housing society covers 2.7 million square yards of area. The master plan of this promising development comprises

 2000 residential units

1068 villas of several sizes and  apartment units. In addition in eighteen housing project commercial properties aimed for the upper and  middle class and upper class of society. Eighteen plan is visualize by Calisson RTKL and developed by famous urban planners WATG. In eighteen islamabad  special golf course has also been designed to become part of this housing project planned by IDG in the United Kingdom. whereas the totally same Golf Course is introduced by Capital Smart City,  mega housing project situated  in the neighborhood housing societies.

Eighteen Islamabad Project Details:

overlook of the Project

Eighteen Islamabad is spread over 700 acres of land area. The venture is organized to facilitate

 2000 residential units

1068 villas

Approximately , 900 apartments and not to forget high valued commercial properties.

The  villas will be constructed on

  1.  10 Marla
  •  1 Kanal
  •  2 Kanal
  •  4 Kanal
  •  8 Kanal

 plot sizes respectively. These will be fully equipped Villas with mesmerizing views of lavish green fields landscaped throughout the eighteen housing society.

The eighteen 4 Kanal Aug 2022
The eighteen 4 Kanal Villa

Eighteen Islamabad Residential Projects:

the Eighteen Islamabad
The Eighteen Islamabad residential

Eighteen is introducing a variety of luxurious living options appropriate for all age groups and families. For all age groups  there are lush lavish  city style condos significantly planned with wide edge, panoramic views of the green landscape. In addition,  For larger families or individuals who require extra space there are luxurious villas to choose from. These extensive four and eight

Kanal are designed in an elegant and sophisticated way and will be genuinely remarkable residences.

The Heights

The heights offer residential units consisting of studio apartments such as

  • 2-bedroom apartment
  • 3-bedroom apartment 
  • 4 -bedroom apartment

bedroom apartments suitable for couples and limited families. These luxury apartments will be placed towards in the direction of lavish greenery of the golf course.

Eighteen Islamabad Villas:

The eighteen Islamabad  housing society villas  are the most exclusive and luxurious estates comprising of extensive

  •  1-kanal villa
  •  2-kanal villa
  •  4 -kanal villa
  •  8-kanal villa

 Kanal private villas. Furthermore ,these villas are suitable for bigger families or individuals who wants for separate  voluminous accommodations  these villas will  most secure and grand living.

Eighteen Islamabad Commercial Project:

Following are the commercial projects  of Eighteen Islamabad:

The Core:

The Core at Eighteen is the most innovative and recent development in the project aimed to provide cutting edge Commercial opportunities to its investors. The core consists of  13 Exclusive high rise towers which are assigned for the construction of this business center. This corporate zone of the core will encourage modern culture and innovate the business environment . The futuristic architecture of the core will showcase up to date modern design while keeping up with all the luxurious and professional atmosphere. It is targeted at the bigger organizations and businesses ready to invest in spacious offices to grow their operations.

The Club:

The most attractive feature of this project is the Club. It is situated at the most central location of this project overlooking the 18hole golf course. It is designed to become the focal point of society becoming the recreational and social hub for the residents and the investors of this society. The golf course will display attractive charming scenic pleasant colorful artistic views of the lakes and meadows. In addition, It will make an excellent spot for fine dining, parties on the rooftop terrace and a wide range of entertainment where you can enjoy yourself and enjoy life to the fullest.

  • The club will also include:
  • Cricket ground
  • Squash courts
  • Sports center
  • Pools
  • Yoga studio
  • Cigar lounge


The resort exclusively allows 150 rooms that offer premium services to its visitors to enjoy a five-star experience. Located in The Core Eighteen, The Resort provides concierge and bespoke services from the world’s finest hoteliers. Residents will be able to enjoy a spa, fitness center  luxury dining room and attractive lush green outside views and pleasant atmosphere. The resort in eighteen islamabad housing society is also suitable for facilitating 1000 visitors at a time in its lobby which is ideal for all occasions.

The Square:

The Square at Eighteen Islamabad offering branded shopping and dining options with a friendly, welcoming open-air environment.

The Clinic:

The clinic is fully equipped and facilitated to handle any emergency and  medical assistance required by eighteen residents close to their homes. The clinic will consist of an A and E unit, patient wards and highly trained medical professionals such as Doctors nurses pharmacist cardiologist  dermatologist dentist  microbiologist  Allergists ophthalmologist gynecologists’  endocrinologist Nephrologists Radiologist  who will treats minor illness it might be acute or chronic.  who will manage all health issues such as conduct heath checkups performs routine lab tests especially for those who is suffering from acute diseases such as cholesterol or blood sugar level  efficiently and with great care. It will also provides referrals to specialty physician when necessary.

Eighteen Islamabad Nearby societies/landmarks:

Some of the nearest places surrounded by Islamabad housing project are following :

Bahria Town phase 8

Mumtaz City

Airport Enclave Islamabad

TOP City Islamabad

University Town

Capital smart City

Blue world City


Blue Area

Saddar Rawalpindi

Facilities and Amenities:

With an estimated cost of around USD 2 billion, Eighteen is on its way to becoming the most exclusive and luxurious residence in Pakistan. The company promises to provide first-class amenities and luxury to its residents.


Some of the salient features of the eighteen housing project are listed below:

A  high alert security system

Lush green landscapes

Infrastructure of international standard

Luxury shopping malls

Theme Park

Swimming pools

Commercial entrance

Residential community


Local mosque

Golf club


Schools and colleges

Retail and community services

Shops utilities

Workers housing

Post fire and police station

Retail parking

Arrival square

Sports facilities


Office park



  • 2 passport size pictures
  • 2 copies of your CNIC
  • 2 copies of the I.D. card of your next of kin


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